Cocoa Couriers just launched in the US

Cocoa Couriers is excited to launch a redesigned website and announce its plans to expand in the US. Cocoa Couriers is a monthly subscription box of handpicked artisan chocolates, sourced from the best bean-to-bar makers around the world. Become a member of the Cocoa Couriers club by subscribing today

If you appreciate the finer things in life, you can tell the difference between store-bought candy bars full of artificial flavors and decadent handcrafted chocolate. You deserve high quality, healthy, and safe ingredients without compromising on flavor. Good chocolate shouldn’t be difficult to find, and your search will be over once you join the Cocoa Couriers club.

As a Cocoa Couriers club member, you’ll finally be able to satisfy your cravings for artisan chocolate. New selections are delivered monthly, for you to indulge in the best-tasting organic and fair trade chocolate bars. Members also gain access to exclusive perks, which you’ll be able to enjoy for as long as you’re subscribed.

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